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Haoji 888 is not bad. In fact, the situation is just the opposite. But the reason we connect it to the “quick fix” market is that it's so simple. It has everything you expect from an online slot machine, and we really like it.




Super 888 is very tolerant as a game, it offers many opportunities to become rich overnight, but at the same time it allows you to enjoy peace of the game, you do not take any risks. Basically, you can "go all out" and "maximum bet", or you can simply choose the minimum bet and relax. In general, Super 888 allows players to mix at will.

This is a five-volume twenty payline slot that uses Playtech's standard playing cards as low-value symbols, while higher-value playing cards are topic-related. In this case, we have a spell book, a potion, and a male and female character.




The Dragon Kingdom certainly conforms to the usual high Playtech standards; graphics and animations are good, and the splitting feature adds something extra. EUR 0.01 is the minimum bet per payline, but a high stake will have the opportunity to squander 1000 Euros per spin.

Free spin x3 rewards for 3 free spins. Free spin x5 free spin 5 times. In the Double Wins game, all prizes during the 7 free spins will double. The Wild Cherry features 10 free spins to turn the cherry into a wild. The Fruit Mania feature can be rotated 15 times for free. During their time, a combination of different fruits will pay!

Reward - Once you click on the 3 bonus icons on the hinge of the Fruit Mania online slot machine, the highest reward will be activated. Bar - If you get at least 10 points per spin and you manage to hit 5 Bar icons on any winning line, you will win the jackpot in the Fruit Mania slot game!

Although they do have 3D effects, they are not as flat as usual. Second, it is suitable for mobile devices. This slot is clear and clean, and the large button is easy to tap with your thumb. Finally, you can choose a different wild/spin combination to get the bonus game. This alone is not new, although in the context of smart mobile slots, revisiting old themes must be an advantage. The Turbo mode feels very fast for this game, and the reels do fly to the position. You can use autoplay as a number of rotations or until you click on the feature.




There are wild symbols in the game. There are no separate victories for these symbols, which show temples with pyramids in the background. These only appear on the shafts 2 to 5. They will replace everything except the golden mask bonus symbol.

First select a tile from the first row. Each tile selected may result in one of four things happening; you receive a prize and are allowed to pick another prize from the same row, you will be awarded a prize and will be allowed to choose another prize from the above row, you win the All prizes in the column or you win the prize and the function ends. The first line or multiple rewards are free to rotate, the second multiplier, the third line changes the displayed symbol to a scatter symbol for the duration of the free spin, and the fourth line continues the free rotation of the displayed symbol Change to a wild symbol in time.




When you receive the helmet wild symbol on reels 2, 3 and 4, the second bonus function is activated. When this happens, all symbols on reels 2, 3 and 4 will change to helmet symbols with bronze, silver and gold. Each helmet symbol will be awarded an award, the Golden Helmet Award for the biggest prize, and the Bronze Award for the smallest prize.

The idea is to throw three dice, but without betting on the numbers on the dice, you will bet the animation, that is, the fish crab, three of the seven symbols on the dice. Other symbols include coins, cocks, gourds and trio. When you place a bet on a symbol and it appears on two dice, you will win a 2:1 bonus, but if the symbol is displayed on all three dice, you will win a 3:1 bonus.




These symbols are displayed on the screen in squares. If you choose the wrong symbol, you can easily use the Clear or Undo button. This will cancel your bet. When you are ready to roll the dice, just hit the bowl and the dice will shake under the bowl. After the dice are thrown, the payment will be made.

Ji Xiang 8 is played on a simple 3x3 reel, but like Playtech's MultiLine series, the reels can rotate independently of each other. The gameplay is also super smooth, and you can quickly rotate a lot without clicking the Turbo Mode feature.



Three red handkerchiefs pay 18 times the line bet and three cards pay 28 times. Three golden bowls pay 28 times (we can see the theme that appears here is 8s), while the three lanterns pay 68 times. Three coins paid 88 times, then the expenditure of three gold dragon coins rose sharply to 288 times, the price of three koi was 688x, the statue of three lions was 888x, and the expenditure of three dragons was 8888x. Everything here is made of gold for the real emperor to use.

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