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Jin Qianwa is more modest, and it definitely applies to the aesthetics of the game. There are five reels in this game and there are 40 paylines. The slot has a wide range of betting limits, starting at a low of 0.01 and up to 50.00 per payline.




Low payment symbols are in the form of high card symbols and are therefore often used in other slot games. Of course, these are Ace, King, Queen, Jack, Ten, and Nine. You may need to make a double note, they are actually numbers, not Chinese hieroglyphs. High-paying symbols are usually attributed to Chinese culture, more specifically - turtles, elephants and dragon figurines, and yin and yang symbols.

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The wild icon of the pink leopard can replace other symbols. 3 The Scatter Pink Panther logo grants players valuable prizes. For 3 Scatter icons, you can win 5X bets, and 4 Scatter icons will get 25X bets. The maximum reward of 125X is the fot 5 scatter symbol. There are Pink Pow, Crack the Pink Code, Color Pink, Round of Wheel and 2 Jackpots. As you can see, it's a free slot machine with a reward spin and a variety of award-winning methods.





Panther randomly exploded a lot of symbols on the reels, all of which turned wild; the numbers would be between 2 and 6, and the reels would be recalculated to reward any wins.

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Streak of Luck is a 5-reel, 50 pay-per-view video slot with a wealth-themed theme that makes you feel like you're in a retro-themed casino and/or game show.


The sensible Streak of Luck includes free spins, random wildness, stacking wildness, stacking symbols and rewards, allowing you to play a quasi-dip-style game that lets you earn cash rewards based on rolling numbers. There is also an upgraded feature on the right side of the game that rewards every time you win, up to 60 free spins. If you manage to get 11 winning wins in a row instead of taking the game's jackpot.

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You can change the coin value from 0.15 to 0.25. Finally, select the desired number of paylines by clicking the "Bet One" button, adding a row each time you click, or clicking the line number next to the reel.


Click Bet Max or Line 9 to select play all lines and rotate. Your total bet is the line bet multiplied by the selected payline. Otherwise, click Rotate. When the reel stops spinning, the winner will pay according to the payment schedule, and most of the wins are registered when the symbol is aligned on the payline. The exception to this rule is the Scorpion scatter symbol, which I introduced in the Special Features section below.

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For example, Let's Just be Friends will give you 1x multiplier, and “You're Smoking Hot will give you a 3x multiplier. Getting “This is my only true love” will reward you with the maximum multiple of the bonus round. 5 times for you.




The second round of rewards that can be triggered in The Love Boat slot is the Love Doctor Free Spins reward round. All you have to do is trigger the free spin bonus round which is at least three Love Boat logo scatter symbols, anywhere on the five reels. Once the free spin triggers, you will receive 10 free spins with the Love Meter.

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One of the highlights of playing Ri Ri Sheng Cai is that the slot's wild icon good luck symbol allows you to connect the payment combination with any other icon. This becomes very good when you can use the wild space with multiple paylines. The scattered symbols of the golden tree can also bring you rich returns. Along with many other slots, three or more scatter symbols will launch the slot feature game.




This mini jackpot is a great way to get a big bonus. If you appreciate a lot of bonuses, then Minor Jackpot will appear because of its design! Simply activate the 3 jackpot symbols for the jackpot in the jackpot game. I really appreciate the Ri Ri Sheng Cai Major Jackpot and the bonuses it brings. This feature will be activated by matching the 3 jackpot symbols for the corresponding jackpot during the jackpot game. Like most bonus rounds, the Ri Ri Sheng Cai bonus has the opportunity to receive a generous bonus. You can be distracted to play the game.

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Trading time is free to rotate. When you place the Rodger on the 2nd, 3rd or 4th reel, you will need to select a green star symbol to select your free spin kit, which will show Your wildness acts as an extra wild symbol in free spins, a yellow X for displaying multipliers (up to 5 times), and a red rotation symbol (up to 25) to determine the number of free spins you will get. After you select wild, multiplier and free spins, you will start a free spin immediately.




Big trading bonuses are another exciting element of time trading. This second screen bonus is triggered when you get the purple hair's assistant scatter symbol on reels 1, 3 or 5. Rodger will show you 3 doors.

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