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Mamma Mia's standard game is what you expect, because you need to match the same symbol from left to right on the active payline to win. The slot contains at least 9 standard symbols, including a menu that means food critics, dishes, newspapers, pizza, chef Salvatore and boiling water. In order to win the most, you should match 5 chef Salvatore symbols on the active payline. This will earn you 500 points on each coin you bet.



Mamma Mia gives you the opportunity to choose a coin value between 0.02 and 0.50. You can also bet 1 to 5 credits per line. All 30 paylines give you a chance to win 150 points. Playing the highest coin denomination under the maximum bet gives you a chance to win a huge jackpot worth 12,500 credits.

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The background of the game shows the classic far west, ridiculous and flat landscape, and the chariots and towns can be seen in the distance. The reels are transparent, allowing you to plant your room and enjoy the view. The command bar itself is equipped with a dynamite stick that can be well measured. Since this is often the case with modern slot games, MONEY BANG BANG features two different sets of reel symbols that are easily distinguishable.




The first group contains card icons, starting with the number 10, followed by Jack, Queen, King and Ace. The reward for these symbols is limited to your first bet x5, but you will have many opportunities to rate these combinations throughout the game.

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The coin starts at 0.02, but you can increase it to 0.20. The line bet can be up to 2.00, with a maximum bet of 30.00 each time. This online slot also features autoplay for easy forward-looking planning and gambling to help increase your potential bonuses.




In terms of spending, the scope is very similar to another Playtech animal theme slot, Penguin Vacation. In that game, there are still some bonuses that can only reach two (2OAK). However, even the upper limit symbol can only reward two prizes on the payline. The slot machine bonus game is a simple free spin feature. Just place three or more satellites anywhere (ah, this is the "moon" part of the scroll title).

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What are the free spin features and the chance to gamble their bonuses, players should have no problem falling in love with such slots. If you still don't believe it, you can learn more about it by reading the full slot comments below. Novomatic's "Safari Heat" happens to be a 5-axis slot with 3 lines and up to 15 paylines. The design once again proves that the game comes from this particular software provider. For example, above these scrolls, we can see a truly beautiful landscape in which a variety of animals are quietly grazing on the grasslands.



If you choose to do this, you will have a chance to play a separate game, all you have to do is choose red or black. This is the color of the next card, the correct guess will double your victory, and incorrect guessing means you lose them. We should also inform you that in this case the limit of victory is £1,000.

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The Panther Moon slot machine is at the higher end of the variance level, which means you have to wait for the free spin symbol to get a huge win.





It's not that you can't get some good victories in the base game, because the wild team has 2 times the multiplier, but the free spin game is really the place for this 15 payline game. But when you re-trigger... we played 45 free spins and used a 3x multiplier plus the wild multiplier at the top, we got a 443x bet at the end. And can achieve higher goals.

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Elephants, flamingos, rhinos, lions and zebras are included in these 5 reels, 15 payline slots for wildlife theme scrolls, and usually 9,10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace. As you would expect, the king of the jungle - or the safari in this case - is the wild game. It replaces any symbol other than Scatter.




During the free spin bonus round, players can win up to $1,500,000 when they hit five Wilds on any payline. There are actually three separate jackpots, from 10,000 coins used to hit five lions to 750 coins used to hit five rhinos or five elephant symbols.

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