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The background is pure black, because as you would expect from these classic style games, there is no need to focus on setting up the scene. Instead, the background is just to focus on the reels on which the game is based. The reels are very big and bold, the symbols and you will only find the old favorites here. There are bars, lucky 7 and a special double symbol, but absolutely nothing else.




To get paid, you must arrange the symbols along one of the lines. These are called "eight winning ways" and consist of three vertical scrolls, three horizontal lines and two diagonal lines.

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The Safari King slot machine game is full of detailed images of elephants, cheetahs and zebras. In fact, every major predator and prey on the African savannah is captured in smooth HD. This slot works well on a desktop or tablet via a standard browser.


High-income symbols are represented by African animals. In fact, for our Safari King online slot machine reviews, we found the high-paying icon very generous. Gazelles and zebras pay 20-400 times the line bet, while cheetahs and rhinos pay up to 500 times the line bet. Keep in mind that in this 50-payline Safari King slot machine, you can bet up to 10 coins per line.

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For this young game studio, 2018 is an eye-catching year, it has surpassed the major players in the market, and after each release there are many exciting slots for the slot community to smash It creaked. Jammin'Jars, Wild Swarm and Fat Rabbit - they have been rushing into the casino lobby and favorites list since they were released.





In the fat Santa online slot, you will see him devour a delicious Christmas pie instead of a rabbit eating carrots. Playing a Santa Claus symbol on the reel, plus one or more wild pie symbols on other reels, will reward 8 to 16 free spins and cannot be retriggered. However, more free spins are available during each upgrade phase of the bonus round.

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The respective values of K and A are 10 times, 50 times and 125 times respectively, but the best wins come from cash and gold or car theme pictures, each picture will return 20 times, 75 times or 250 times line bet prizes. .





In any slot machine game with a secret agent theme, several beautiful women are essential symbols. When these women stop on 3, 4 or 5 reels, each woman's value is 25 times. , 100 times or 500 times. This can reach 32 times the upper multiplier, which is not as difficult as it sounds, because each spin multiplier will remain valid for any remaining games, if you get more consecutive victories before the end of the bonus round Will increase further.

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Slot machines do a good job of presenting targeted themed games in a nautical style. The game screen is set in a swirling and sunlit graphic scene, while the symbols are all shown in a traditional oriental style.





This slot machine is symbolic in many ways, from the icon on the reels to the number of paylines that the player can win. There are a total of 88 paylines, and although it has many meanings, it may look like an odd number because it is considered to be the luckiest number in Chinese culture.

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If you form a winning combination with him, the Lion Heart can pay up to 750. However, the most important symbol in casino time is dispersion. With 3, 4 and 5 scatter symbols, you will win 7, 10 and 15 free games. We recommend that you play all the lines on the first possible winning line and pay attention to the five bonus symbols. If this happens, you will win a stake of 30,000x. At the end of the bonus, search for hidden multipliers, which may be between 30 and 10 times your winnings.





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