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Today’s article will talk about the new Pokemon game for Android/IOS, which takes the name of Pocket Monster. If until some time ago, we complained that the pokemon did not exist for Android or IOS platform, since last year with the Pokemon Go out, they have followed, on these platforms, a title after another.

For this reason I chose the title “Pokemon invasion”, as it is a real invasion of games that are based upon these lovely monsters.

Two side bets offer an additional chance of winning, with Pair Plus cashing up to 100:1 and 6 bonuses providing a 1,000:1 jackpot. The game has an RTP of 96.63% in Ante's bet.


If you've played any Evolution Live Dealer game, you'll be familiar with its user-friendly interface. The top menu includes buttons that let you up or down or completely mute, adjust video quality, and open game rules. The icon in the lower right corner allows one person to play on another table at the same time, or to visit the lobby and switch to another game.

Rally drivers pay 500x for 5 consecutive times, and trucks and tools win 250x. The symbol is completed by a 9 to Ace playing card symbol.

The slot has two scatter symbols. The first is the trophy symbol and falls 3 times on the reel, 4 or 5 times will see you only earn a cash prize of 5, 50 or 150x coins respectively. The bonus symbol is the symbol you really want to hit, because landing on the 1st, 3rd and 5th rollers will take you into the bounce reward round.

Since there are no paylines, you need to collect 3, 4 or 5 matching symbols anywhere on the adjacent reels to win the payment. As long as you use the same symbol in 3 or more adjacent reels, starting with the first (leftmost) reel and there is no "empty" reel between positions that lack the same symbol, you can win the prize.


The slot will give you 4 types of free spin options. The first option is 25 free spins, with 10% extra wild symbols during the game. The second option gives you 15 rotations, but with 25% extra wild symbols. The third and fourth choices give you 10 free spins, 50% extra wildness and 6 free spins, and 70% extra wildness.

Meet the bad guys, their amazing pastures and the secret locations where real gamblers in the town can enjoy, and work hard to find big prizes and enjoy the exciting gambling experience on denim slot machines to see if you can take them away from them. Awesome jackpot!



You may remember those special moments when our parents opened the package and assembled the best tiger car that we bought for us. How thrilling it is when we test the limits of our realistic model. Needless to say, the Tiger Car Set offers incredible fun for the entire family.


The car itself can be expensive or quite cheap. The price depends mainly on the seriousness of the game you want to play. Package prices range from $80 to $800, depending on the features available. Of course, many of these kits are very adaptable. Additional parts and kits can be purchased to make it a bigger track or to further beautify them. However, the best slot car set does offer a great price!

A cash prize is triggered whenever a symbol combination appears on the payline. You can bet 1, 2 or 3 coins per rotation, or use the (+) and ( - ) buttons in the command bar to change the coin value. Take a moment to adjust the settings before spinning the reels, and don't forget to cross your fingers.

The triple bar logo can reach up to 250 coins, while the triple cherry combination can receive a big reward of $480. That being said, the elusive golden symbol is the most valuable of all the games to date. Arrange 3 of them on the payline and win 1,000, 2,000 or even 5,000 coins at a time, depending on your bet level.

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