• Rising Gems

    Rising Gems

    Rising Gems is on a 5x5 reel. When you rotate the reels on Rising Gems, you will notice that not all spaces are full of symbols. Although it does make the game look sparse, Rising Gems still wins frequent victories.

  • Rob Stars

    Rob Stars

    It offers 3 wild features in the base game, offering wild raccoons, wild coyotes and multiples up to 10 times. There is also a free game feature where you can win extra free spins and sticky wild animals. You can also complete the task to trigger the Rob the Rich feature to get a cash reward. There is also a SuperBet feature, and extra coins give you more wild features.

  • Sedie


    Start bet now that u need to bet between Even and Odd! Also there are other bet for you to bet!

  • Shanghai 008

    Shanghai 008

    The respective values of K and A are 10 times, 50 times and 125 times respectively, but the best wins come from cash and gold or car theme pictures, each picture will return 20 times, 75 times or 250 times line bet prizes. .

  • Shougen War Jiang Jun Ling

    Shougen War Jiang Jun Ling

    Shogun Showdown is a five-axis and fifty payline slot that includes several shogun general characters. The reels are transparent, and the view through them is a Japanese landscape that moves relentlessly toward the night.

  • Sic Bo

    Sic Bo

    If you haven't played this ancient Chinese game yet, you can make some explanations. The game uses three standard six-sided dice. Players can make various bets based on the results of these dice. You can bet on the total number, the exact number that will be launched, and many other combinations, all of which offer different odds and payouts. Players are free to choose: they can make as many bets as they like.

  • Spartan


    It's easy for you to jump out of your skin, so maybe turn down the volume during your game. Due to the number of paylines, the combination is easier than most slots, which means that the sound of victory has taken place a lot.

  • Spin Stone

    Spin Stone

    When dinosaurs and furry mammoths win the total amount of cash in the right amount, they will maintain tens of thousands of cash, but then users will begin to explore hundreds of people with less enticing symbols. If they get any card suits, they will leave no more than 150 euros.

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